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Welcome to Dance and Slim Down

Weight Loss Motivation Center 

 Support, Motivation and More!




The calming sounds you hear in the background are intentional.

I added the calming sounds to allow visitors time to read and comprehend some of the vast amount of information on this site. I also wanted to clear away negativity by infusing your life with a FREQUENCY RAISER

To pause our on site video player. Simply scroll down left hand column to video player and click pause button… or right click on video to pause. The Frequency Bomb should be playing so you should have no trouble listening to your video.


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Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Are you sick and tired of gaining weight?
  • Do you wish you had more compliments?
  • Do you long to look more attractive?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, We welcome you. This is your new sanctuary.

Please Bookmark this page.

I am not sure what brought you here, if it was because you are worried about weight gain, or a desire to look great and feel great, I welcome you here.


Before we go any further, first, I really do want you to bookmark our page because we are growing in momentum and the changes are coming faster than ever now. Next, I want you to relax and feel free to hang out here without fear that there is a catch or sale necessary for you to be here. If you are here simply to dance, that is okay too.  (Simply scroll down the left hand side to go to our video player. You can fast forward to a dance song you like.  Enjoy.)


Dance and Slim Down Welcome
Dance and Slim Down Welcome

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If you are here simply to purchase something, I respect that as well and will direct you to our shop button at the left.  Or simply click here now to visit our shop.

However; if you are here to begin a new journey toward self discovery, looking great and feeling great from the inside out, then stick with me for a few more moments  while I introduce you to Dance and Slim Down. - Directory of Sports Products



Dance and Slim Down is my brainchild and my pride and joy. You see I recently just lost 300 pounds. Yes It is true… and I am on a mission to lose my  final weight now. My goal is 130. I used to be 500 pounds (no joke).  So,  no matter how much you weigh, have no shame. I can relate to your struggle, fears and difficulties dealing with obesity.



I came so close to death, and I even lost my brother who was just two years older than me to heart attack. He was 450 pounds. So this is a mission of the heart. It is something that I feel very deep to the core. And I am on a mission to save one life at a time. It is a promise I made in return for my own miraculous recovery.

Being fit and healthy is my mission.  I eagerly share all I have found and learned with anyone wanting to know more.  If this helps bring joy, solace and success to just one person, I will feel that this is all worth it somehow…



The secret is within
The secret is within

So look, this is what I won’t do:
I won’t make any false promises
I won’t give some crazy workout routine to follow
I won’t tell you to starve yourself
I won’t tell you that you are not good enough just as you are… because you are.



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This is what I will do;
I will mentor those who want my help
I will coach you and help you stick to your goals
I will cheer you and make you laugh when you want to cry. Sometimes a outside perspective really helps.
I will remind you how there are no mistakes in this life and you are meant to be at your best.
I will teach you about the law of attraction, positive thinking, binaural beats and other wonderful mind altering techniques.
I will tell you the truth and will not lie to you about what you need to do to achieve success.

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So with that said, are you ready to begin your journey to dancing and slimming?
It starts today…

Want to learn more about my story Order my video eBook… click here!


Welcome to Dance and Slim Down Online Support and Weight Loss Motivation.
Visitors and new members are welcome.
We encourage participation, so please visit our blog and comment.
Share your personal stories, your progress, your “before and after” photos and more.   Make sure you join our forum on the left.



Join Our Forum

We explore what works and what does not. We provide weight loss hacks and tips, exercise and dance ideas that that burn off calories.

Note:  All new paid members receive e-book “Dance and Slim Down – How I lost over 200 pounds” free with membership.

New Paid Members: Also are entitled to a Free 15 minute nutrition assessment.

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Do not be afraid. I am not a medical professional. I am a motivator,  not a licensed doctor or anything like that.  I am NOT a medical professional and nothing that I say or do should be construed as medical advice in any way possible.  I am simply another person who battled weight issues her whole life.

Our session will most likely involve us getting familiar with each other better and creating your weight loss strategy together.  The only thing I ask is that participants give this a MINIMUM of 21 days before giving up.  That is the ONE thing that upsets me.  When people quit.  A quitter NEVER WINS.  That is why my services come with a 60 day guarantee.  After all, it takes at least 21 days to MAKE a habit, and this entire journey is about behavior changes.

Remember: Your weight definitely didn’t get there over night, so do not expect it go over night.  My biggest pet peeve is the obsession people have with “quick fixes”.  Wake up. There is no QUICK fix!  Not a long term one. That is why they are called “quick fixes”.  It doesn’t last.  This is how yo-yo dieting and massive REGAIN occurs, and that is exactly what you want to avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to most of these people who invest literally hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars into “miracle” potions.  I can not promise that you will look like JLO, but let’s be honest, this is not about looking like JLO, this is about you becoming healthy and happy again.  So before you give up hope… no matter what size you are now, just remember this…  I was once a 500 pound woman.  I am now a size 12.  (without ANY surgery).  I make no promises and no guarantees because it is impossible to do that.  However; with your sincere desire, if you follow some basic pointers (REALLY BASIC), you will begin to see (at least) a size difference in time.  After all, what do you have to lose, except extra pounds, extra inches, extra shame.

The best side effect of a Dance and Slim Down daily regime is increased youth, vigor and vitality. Your body gets stronger because you are using it.  I could go on and on… but why not just  sign up as a member so you can get a FREE consultation, or simply  schedule an appointment a la carte here.


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