Major Lazer & Martin Garrix ft. The Chainsmokers – Atlantis – Dance – Club – Electronica

Major Lazer & Martin Garrix ft. The Chainsmokers – Atlantis – Dance – Club – Electronica



I needed a good song to dance to, so this morning I put this three minute song on loop and danced to it for 30 minutes.  It is the perfect looped song, you can not tell when the song begins and ends as a result, it feels like you can dance endlessly with wild abandon.  That is what makes this song so incredible. It is the perfect dance song from beginning to end.  So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this incredible Martin Garrix and Major Lazer wonder and get ready to do some major sweating!  This is a great song for anyone at any age

Genre: Dance, Club, Electronica

Worth:  30 Dance Calories

Rating: **** 1/2

Date Added: 11/20/16

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