I bet

Ciara – I bet

Ciara Saturday – Ciara – I bet

Super hot, super sexy and a super great message to boot.  Ciara is the Princess and she has a super hot message to share.  Check out the original video on the dance playlist, then enjoy the choreographed videos we’ve selected for your pleasure.

For the record, this song touches a deep cord within. There is nothing worst than unrequited love, especially when it is a love that was had and then lost.  This is an amazing song, which is why the choreography is so incredible.

This is the original song

We also included an acoustic version below.  This is a fantastic song, it is amazing how many choreographed moves we found for this.


We have compiled some of our favorite choreography moves below. Enjoy.

Dance is my Therapy – Bizzy


Loving these moves by FREEDOM


Feeling Cardio Dance Choreography.

Easy and relaxing moves.


Love the 10 year old boy in the opening.

Awesome Moves Here!

Gotta love this kid.

He gave us an entire video story line with his moves.


The acoustic version is beautiful!


Some nice moves here


The sexiest HEELED moves


OMG this girl is as smooth as silk!


My favorite Group Choreography




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