Ciara Saturday

Happy Ciara Saturday

The Princess of Seattle, CIARA has a new jam out! In honor of the Princess, I declare this CIARA SATURDAY!

(For those where it is already Saturday… let the party begin!)

Let’s start out the block with one of her goodies from the past… Love and Sex and Magic with Justin Timberlake.
Get on up and dance ya’ll!!! Happy Weekend!!!!

The Original Video…


I found some incredible Choreography moves for this song… Check out the pro’s as they show their amazing dance steps for this incredible jam.  If these moves do not motivate you to get on up and dance, then this is just not your kind of song, because I have a virtual cornucopia of Choreographed Dances for this Jam!!!


Sex and Love and TALENT!

Loving THIS!!!!


OMG! This Girl is THE REAL DEAL!



A Well Planned Group Manuever

The Group Moves!  Incredible!


Excellent Choreography Moves

Some awesome moves…


A Dance Class In Action

Watch this class in action…


Young Millennial Moves

I LOVE THIS DUDE!  I am not sure I could do his young millennial moves… but he sure has this nailed.


Dance Routine Moves

I love all these great moves!


A Pro At Work

Loving this one!


Slutty Sexy Moves

I love this slutty choreography in the heels! Awesomeness!


Super Smooth and The Jelly Bean

OMG the guy up front is SO SMOOTH!!! Gotta love this one!! And She is like a popping jelly bean… wow! Love her!!!


Three Sexy Girls

OMG I love this choreography!  Get it Girls!!! Whoo-hoo!


Sexy DIVA Boy in Heels

Get it Ya’ll!  Why is the guy the sexiest one though?  He is working it ain’t he?  Get it boy! Work that thing!!! Plus, I swear he is wearing the highest heels of them all!  He is one in a million this one!!


Actual Magic

And now for my favorite! They did actual MAGIC!!!  Incredible Job!!!


Dancing In The Sand

What impressed me most about this… is that they dancing in THE SAND!  I can barely walk in the sand let alone do moves like this! WOW!


I am going to end this with James Just “Jaxx” Jackson.

This guy reminds me of myself… what I mean is he is not a skinny dude… he looks like someone who would have a weight issue if he did not dance on the regular.  That is the same as me.  After all, I used to be 500 pounds remember?  Anyway, I love his choreography and his teaching skills.


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