Nervous System Training Vs Body Part Training

Nervous System Training Vs Body Part Training

Understanding the two different aspects of training that is involved when you are trying to build bigger muscles.  The two aspects are your nervous system versus your body part training.  Both need to be incorporated in a holistic routine in order to maximize growth.  Learn some of the things that you need to consider.

There is so much information on getting thin, however; this addresses building up the body, and the secrets to building definition from a physiological standpoint.  This a great e-book for anyone who has thought: “How am I ever going to get that 6 pack or 8 pack?”.  If that has crossed your mind, then this is a great read for you.



What you will learn with this package:

  • The Two Different Aspects of Training
  • What Effect Does Training Have on Your Nervous System?
  • The Problem with Following a PRO Routine
  • What Does Nervous System Training Involve?.
  • Training that increases the nervous system’s capacity
  • When multi-joint exercises are incorporated
  • and more!

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High Intensity Training (HIT) The Video Series

High Intensity Training (HIT) The Video Series

High Intensity Training or HIT is an exercise form created in the 1960’s. In this series of 9 videos, you learn about the beginning of HIT, and how HIT effects the body. This series even discusses the proper HIT DIET.  This series goes into the psychology behind High Intensity Training and why this form of intense activity many times surpasses normal exercise routines.

This video series is made with animations which in turn will improve your ability to re-use these exciting videos in your own projects.  These 9 videos are highly recommended to anyone looking to learn more about the mechanics of training and how the HIT method has achieved so much success over the years.


Here is What You Will Receive:

High Intensity Training Videos

  • Video 1: Beginning High Intensity Training
  • Video 2: Foundations Of HIT
  • Video 3: Debunking Myths of Lifting
  • Video 4: Science of Bodybuilding
  • Video 5: The Most Important Thing In Training
  • Video 6: HIT Recovery
  • Video 7: HIT Workout Day ONE
  • Video 8: HIT Workout Day TWO
  • Video 9: HIT Diet

You receive what is needed to create your own HIT training program.

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40 Cures For Hangovers

40 Cures For Hangovers

Alcohol - Hangovers
Alcohol – Hangovers

This Brand New 61-page info product reveals why we get hangovers, the symptoms, the direct effects of alcohol, plus 40 different ways to remedy a cranium crushing hangover, (there are actually slightly more than 40)


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The Power of Dumbbells

The Power of Dumbbells and Free Weights

The power of dumbbells.  They do make a difference.  I believe that using dumbbells has helped to reduce arm flab and back rolls drastically.


Free Weights VS Machine exercise

Range of Motion

Something to keep in mind and never forget is that when you exercise, you are training for life. You can spend an hour a day in the gym, that will still leave another 23 hours or so for your muscles to function without using any fancy equipment. When you do any type of exercise, the movement of your body during the exercise is known as the range of motion. The more difficult the range of motion is, the more effective the exercise will be.  The is because your body has to work twice as hard to perform the movement.



The Classic Dumbbell Bicep Curl

The classic dumbbell bicep curl is performed by standing up straight with your palms facing forward, and a pair of dumbbells held down by your sides. You’ll contract your biceps to bring the dumbbells up to your shoulder height, then repeat the exercise as many times as you wish.  Using that same movement for exercise on a bicep curl machine, you would sit down, brace your upper arms on a pad, grasp 2 handles that are in front of you, then perform the same movement as above to move the handles in an upward motion.



Muscle Contractions

Look at the muscle contractions of this exercise, you are contracting your biceps when you are using the curl machine, that is pretty much all you are doing. When you use the machine,  you are sitting down, which limits how much your shoulders give.  The muscles used in this machine exercise limited to the biceps, forearms and fingers.  When using machine weights, you will be limited by what type of exercise you can perform. You must follow a strict procedure, which is pretty much the same with free weights. Unlike free weights, machine weights offer a certain degree of resistance.



The Benefits of Free Weights

The best thing about free weights is the ability to select the weight you want to use. Instead of dragging it over to your exercise area, you can simply select it on the machine. When you are tired during a workout, this could be a blessing.

Many argue that free weights are the best for your body; however, many feel that the machine weights are best. There are pros and cons with machines and with free weight.  Free weights have been around longer so they have been proven time after time to achieve dramatic results.



Body Builders used Free Weights

Body builders used free weights over the years to build very impressive bodies. If you ask most of them about machine weights, they would probably laugh at you and tell you that you need to quit joking around.



Free Weights Use More Muscle than Machines Do…

Free weights use more of your muscles than the machines do, which makes them more effective overall. This doesn’t mean that the machines are a waste of use, because they offer great advantages. When you want to stabilize the muscles that are being used in a movement, that is when machines are best to use.



Free Weights Are Best To Use

Where do you plan to use your equipment and what you hope to achieve by lifting weights in the first place?   Decide if your home or the gym works best for you. Both systems are great for your body, although free weights are best to use if you want the best possible workout.  Free Weights will always ensure that your muscles are getting the right workouts they need.



The Magic of Kettlebells

The Magic of Kettlebells

I love working out with kettlebells.  Why? Kettlebells give a complete full body workout with just a few swings.  Don’t believe me try swinging one for a few minutes.  They are the great equalizers. The great body toners.  The great addition to add to any and every future workout routine.  I love Kettlebells and I love the body stretch and extension they give.

One of the best side effects of using kettlebells for women is an uplifted breastline and a whittled look to the waistline.  The benefits to the legs and thighs are also incredible when doing repeated kettlebell squats.

Not a fan of kettlebells? Use dumbbell weights for a similar overall body toning experience.   Several Kettlebell and dumbbell videos are below for you to view.


Kettlebell Prep


Favorite Move for Arm Fat Reduction


90 Reps in Succession… to music


The Kettlebell and dumbbell exercises touch every part of the body, as shown in the snapshots below:

If you look at the first few shots, you can even see a gradual decrease in size…

Kettlebell Forum

Mastering The Kettlebell


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