The Magic of Kettlebells

The Magic of Kettlebells

I love working out with kettlebells.  Why? Kettlebells give a complete full body workout with just a few swings.  Don’t believe me try swinging one for a few minutes.  They are the great equalizers. The great body toners.  The great addition to add to any and every future workout routine.  I love Kettlebells and I love the body stretch and extension they give.

One of the best side effects of using kettlebells for women is an uplifted breastline and a whittled look to the waistline.  The benefits to the legs and thighs are also incredible when doing repeated kettlebell squats.

Not a fan of kettlebells? Use dumbbell weights for a similar overall body toning experience.   Several Kettlebell and dumbbell videos are below for you to view.


Kettlebell Prep


Favorite Move for Arm Fat Reduction


90 Reps in Succession… to music


The Kettlebell and dumbbell exercises touch every part of the body, as shown in the snapshots below:

If you look at the first few shots, you can even see a gradual decrease in size…

Kettlebell Forum

Mastering The Kettlebell


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The greatest secret to a tiny waistline

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