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The 21 Day Dance Off

The 21 Day Dance Off

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The 21 Day Dance Off

This is a 21 day dance challenge.
21 days, 30 minutes minimum per day.
Gear up girls and guys. The Party Starts now.

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To participate sign up here:  21 Day Dance Off


It is important that you find songs to make your body move. Dancing is not about feeling forced to dance, it is about a spontaneous desire to move, first your toe starts tapping, or your fingers start clicking or your hips start swaying. Dancing is about finding songs that resonate with your soul.


Dance and Slim Down has over 1400 songs on our playlist to choose from.   We have everything from Rap to Arabian so there is never a shortage on variety. One suggestion is to find 10 songs YOU like.  That way,  no matter what songs I choose for the dance challenge, you can still find songs that resonate with you. The most important factor is that the song makes you want to dance.


Each day I will share the songs I have DANCED TO, you can simply follow along and dance to the songs I have chosen for that particular day.  This challenge was created for those people that need more motivation to move, exercise and dance. I figured a competition is a great way to motivate others.

So here are the rules:

  • 21 days.
  • 30 minutes a day.
  • No reasons for excuses.
  • If you miss a day, you have to double up the next day.
  • Double Up = (A total of 1 hour or more dancing)
  • Missing more than two sessions means you have failed the mission.
Remember this Dance Off is for you, your health, your body.
You can do it.


  • Yes!
  • All participants receive freebies.
  • The grand winner will win a free membership to our community, a $97 value.
Pull out those Gym Shoes. This is it!
Time for the 21 Day Dance off! Yes!🤗😎


Adrienne Igo
Business Owner and Creator
21 Day Dance Off

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