Don’t Compare Yourself



Don’t Compare Yourself To Others, Compare Yourself To The Person You Used To Be.

When I began my weight loss chronicles online, I did so with an injured heart and hurt feelings because I felt that others did not acknowledge my weight loss efforts.  It took me a long time to understand that not all people understand the internal battle of fighting obesity.   It is a subject that people still do not quite know how to handle.  I struggled all my life with obesity.  From the time I was 8 years old, all I have known is shame due to obesity.  Even my closest family members had no idea how much pain and anguish I was living in for all those years.  They only noticed that I disappeared.  I had completely stopped participating in life for years.  It was not until I began to lose weight from dancing did I reemerge.

Losing 300 pounds has been the greatest thing I have accomplished in life.  Apart from giving birth to a beautiful daughter.  This is why it became so important that I share my story, my excitement and my results with the world.  I wanted to be a voice for others who also struggle with obesity. I wanted to be a light of hope to those who live in the darkness of shame.  Hiding away from society’s prying eyes.  I know what it is like to hide away in fear and shame.

Before and After
Before and after. Shown with zero makeup to prove a point. I changed from weight loss, not makeup or surgeries. I look years younger now!

Someone once asked me “What is the point of all that dancing!?” I will just say that looking 20 years younger than I did 10 years ago is probably the BEST point and benefit of all!!  Sometimes I feel as though I am living a miracle.

Now, when I look in the mirror,  I do not compare myself with others at all.  I remember that fat aging woman who sat in that wheelchair for all those years.  I realize now that I was simply waiting to die!   Each day when I put on my gym shoes, it is a statement to myself saying:  “You got this. You can master this.  You are stronger, faster, better, and more ready than ever before. This is YOUR time. There is nothing you can not accomplish!”

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