Going Paleo Spartan

Going Paleo Spartan



This article is a reprint from several years ago:

After trying on my wedding dress for the first time, I  realized that I need to lose another 5 or 10 pounds so the dress is less constricting.   I did not panic when the bodice was so tight across my chest and back.  I have noticed that my breast have been looking larger lately.  I assume it is because they are lifting from the weights and kettlebell workouts.  I knew my only solution was to go Paleo Spartan.  Last year, I lost 27 pounds in August by eating paleo spartan.

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What is Paleo Spartan?

Paleo Spartan is a way of eating.  It is taking Paleo to its extreme.   It is avoiding ALL flours, sugars, dairy products, beans, rice or any starchy or processed foods.  In fact,  Paleo eating involves eating natural whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.   These are usually the leafy green vegetables.  Vegetables such as potatoes, beans, legumes are not allowed.  Fruits are allowed, and unlike the Atkins Diet, you are not limited on your ability to eat fresh fruit.

One of the mainstays of the Paleo way of life is Coconut produts. I have become so accustomed to coconut oil and olive oil that it seems like blasphemy to consider using any other oil on my foods ever.  I never touch vegetable oil, canola oil or shortening.


Surviving Paleo Spartan

The hardest part of eating Paleo Spartan is the lack of any flour or starch based items.  The secret to making it through a month of eating this way will surprise you.  The secret to surviving Paleo Spartan is Sweet Potatoes and Apples.  They help to fill the need for sweetness and for starchy foods.  They have become an invaluable part of my diet.

As time goes on I will discuss more about living Paleo Spartan.  However; I can tell you immediately that things such as soda, gum, candies, chips, breads, cakes, pies, shakes, chocolate, sweetened alcohols, milk, beans, tofu or any diary items are not allowed.  You will eat differently than you are accustomed to, but the rewards are well worth it.


Final Warning

Word of Warning:  I would only do this for 30-60 days max then break then go back on as needed.   You never want your body to feel it is in deprivation mode.  So remember to feed your body as needed.

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