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  • We are dedicated solely to the purpose of health and fitness.
  • We are open to young as well as elderly.
  • We welcome everyone here.
  • This is a site created 100% as a motivation center for others.
  • The focus is on ALL health, wellness, fitness and nutrition related subjects.
  • The website is open to individuals of all ages and sizes.
  • We do not monitor content for those under 18.
  • The website supplies hot dance songs from our Youtube music playlist
  • The website provides relevant content regarding weight loss and health subjects.
  • The website provides relevant content about physical fitness
  • The website provides products pertaining to fitness, weight loss, and nutrition.
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  • This is not a quick fix or instant solution to weight gain.
  • There are no “get thin quick” lotions, potions, pills or quick fixes here.
  • This is not a place to bash overweight people or to shame others.
  • This is not a place for get quick rich schemers to take advantage of people who want to look and feel better.
  • Please do not post spam in our forums.
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The creator of was once 500 pounds and had completely given up on having a normal life. She wants you to know that there is hope for anyone and everyone. No matter how severe your case of inactivity or obesity, there is always hope. Since she was also in a wheelchair for 7 years, she believes that “miracles” are indeed possible.  Your membership with Dance and Slim Down is your first step of faith in YOU. Believe in yourself, believe you can do it. It will take self discipline. We will help every step of the way with great articles and excellent products that motivate and educate you to become successful in your endeavor to attain the body you always wanted.

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