Going Paleo Spartan

Going Paleo Spartan   This article is a reprint from several years ago: After trying on my wedding dress for the first time, I  realized that I need to lose another 5 or 10 pounds so the dress is less constricting.   I did not panic when the bodice was so tight across my chest and back.  I have noticed that my breast have been looking larger lately.  I assume it is because they are lifting from the weights and kettlebell workouts.  I knew my only solution was to go Paleo Spartan.  Last year, I lost 27 pounds in August (more…)

Don’t Compare Yourself

  Don’t Compare Yourself To Others, Compare Yourself To The Person You Used To Be. When I began my weight loss chronicles online, I did so with an injured heart and hurt feelings because I felt that others did not acknowledge my weight loss efforts.  It took me a long time to understand that not all people understand the internal battle of fighting obesity.   It is a subject that people still do not quite know how to handle.  I struggled all my life with obesity.  From the time I was 8 years old, all I have known is shame due (more…)

I could be a size 8

I Could Be A Size 8   I casually said: “If I had not been cheating, I could be a size 8 or 10 right now…” My brother and I both realized how surreal it felt to hear me say I could be a size 8.  He later admitted that it felt weird to even hear me say that I was a size 14.  My brother is right, who would have imagined that one day  my biggest hurdle in life would be fitting into the size 10 clothes I have stored in a living room corner.   Even as I complain about (more…)

Organic Diet – Lifestyle For Health

Organic Diet – Lifestyle For Health  There are more than 319,000 monthly online searches for organic food and related keywords.  Thousands of people are looking to avoid eating pesticides that are found on produce. They want to avoid chemicals in household products, and to eat and live clean in general. According to the Organic Trade Association: – Consumer demand for organic food and products has grown by double-digits every year since the 1990s AND exceeded $39 billion in 2014. – 51% of families are buying more organic products than in 2014 – 8 in 10 parents choose organic food for (more…)

Finally Weight Loss Products I Like

Finally Weight Loss Products I Like As many of you have probably realized by now, I usually do not promote weight loss products on dance and slim down. I like to give people information so they can lose weight naturally or holistically.  However; I stumbled across something that is both is easy to love and priced well.   So let me introduce you to the line of MaximumSlim Products that I fell in love with.   Finally weight loss products I like.  First off, I will openly admit that I immediately became an affiliate of these products because I saw instantly how (more…)

4 Common Types of Foods to Avoid When You’re Cutting Carbs

4 Common Types of Foods to Avoid When You’re Cutting Carbs Trying to lose weight? The easiest way to lose unwanted pounds is to reduce your carb daily intake.  In order to do this,  your carb intake should be no more than 35% of your total daily calories. For a 1,200 calorie per day diet, that is 105 grams; for 1,600 calorie meal plans, it’s 140 grams. Some modern day diets such as Atkins, Keto and Primal reduce carbs down to 30-50 carbs per day MAX.  Just remember when choosing the best plan for you that not all carbs are bad (more…)

Achieving The Impossible Goal

Achieving The Impossible Goal In this video I discuss how I tackled the most impossible goal of all. How to lose 300 pounds and get out of a wheelchair after 7 years.  This video is just a personal heart to heart with all of you.   https://danceandslimdown.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Achieving-The-Impossible-Goal.mp4   Also check out this great article: Top 7 Reasons Why You Fail to Meet Your Goals This means you don’t mind working hard to attain a result that is valuable and important to you. What may have slowed you down on the path to realizing your dreams are the following 7 common (more…)

Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss And Healthy Living

Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss And Healthy Living With Relaxing Music This is very relaxing and very calming. I was also impressed with the visual. Unlike some subliminal videos that have foreboding music. This music is actually soothing.  I particularly love that this is for weight loss and healthy living. The Value of Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss Subliminal Messages have been used for over 30 years for weight loss, love, sex and many other self-help issues. The term “subliminal” is derived from two Latin words, “sub”, meaning under, and “limen” meaning threshold . Subliminal programming is the act of (more…)

The Power of Dumbbells

The Power of Dumbbells and Free Weights The power of dumbbells.  They do make a difference.  I believe that using dumbbells has helped to reduce arm flab and back rolls drastically.   Free Weights VS Machine exercise Range of Motion Something to keep in mind and never forget is that when you exercise, you are training for life. You can spend an hour a day in the gym, that will still leave another 23 hours or so for your muscles to function without using any fancy equipment. When you do any type of exercise, the movement of your body during the exercise is known (more…)

Diet Tips for All 12 Astrological Signs

Diet Tips for All 12 Astrological Signs This is a great little ebook that gives insights for all 12 astrological signs starting with Aquarius and ending with Capricorn.  Learn the secrets that your sign possesses for natural weight loss.   I can not  guarantee that this ebook will change your current diet success or failures but it sure can give you an interesting alternative view on weight loss for your sign. Since Astrology is such a popular subject as is weight loss, we decided to create a simple PLR package which comes with license, graphics, ebook cover, the product and (more…)

Getting Back on Track with Weight Loss

Getting Back on Track with Weight Loss It’s right about that time – the shoulder season of dieting. A time when we’re no longer obsessed by our New Years resolutions and the looming bathing suit season is still too far off. We’re stuck between a rock and hard place because it’s hard to find the motivation to get on to a weight loss diet when there’s nothing particularly motivating us to get moving.  It is time to get back on track. Think of the meaning of Spring If you’re looking for some springtime dieting inspiration to get back on track (more…)

New High Quality Anti Aging Diet PLR Pack

New High Quality Anti Aging Diet PLR Pack Are you tired of low quality PLR that you can never really use? What if you had a product that was timely, very well written and in a very high demand topic that can make you money, please your audience and one that you can actually use in many different ways? Look no further, that product is The Anti Aging Diet & Preventing Lifestyle Diseases with more than 350 pieces of high quality content that you can edit, brand and profit from in numerous ways AND on topics that get as much as 100 MILLION related (more…)

Is It Possible to Lose Weight in 1 Week?

Is It Possible to Lose Weight in 1 Week? If you are looking for quick weight loss, you definitely can lose weight in just 1 week. That’s the good news is, there it is. However, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. There are reasons why short-term weight loss doesn’t work for the long-term. Cut The Calories and You Drop the Weight, Right? When you take in more calories than you burn, you can gain weight. The opposite is also true. One pound of body weight is approximately equal to 3,500 calories (cal), So if (more…)

Understanding DASD TEA

Understanding DASD TEA Check out our special DASD tea blend. I lost 300 pounds drinking green tea and dancing. So I believe in the power of herbal and green teas. I will not say that I lost my weight because of the tea. I lost because of increased physical activity. However, I believe that herbal tea aided in my digestion. See Benefits of Green Tea   Due to the nature of shipping and storing Teas etc. This product is actually step by step instructions on how to re-create and use this Special DASD TEA recipe to aid in your personal (more…)

Going Carb-Turkey

Going Carb-Turkey   Dance And Slim Down Weight Loss MOTIVATION Center    Happy Holidays. This is a reprise of a message I sent via our newsletter last year at Thanksgiving.  I think I will probably post it every year this time. lol. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Enjoy and Blessings to All! from Adrienne Igo and Dance and Slim Down!   Going Carb-Turkey ] I have decided I am Going Carb-Turkey this year. The big day has finally arrived. It is Turkey Day. Thanksgiving Day. The day we’ve waited for all year to splurge and pig out.  For years, (more…)

Food Verses Workout

Food Verses Workout A moment on the lips really does equal a month on the hips.  This was the most significant weight loss discovery that helped lead to permanent weight loss. Weight loss requires a complete internal mindset change, it becomes vital to remain consciously aware of what is actually eaten each day, The Paleo Diet forces individuals to be personally accountable for foods and meals that are prepared.  Prepackaged foods are NOT allowed and all meals must be prepared from scratch.  Diets are limited to only fresh natural ingredients and there is no dairy allowed. We Make our own (more…)

Lose Weight in 1 Week?

Is It Possible to Lose Weight in 1 Week? If you are looking for quick weight loss, you definitely can lose weight in just 1 week. That’s the good news is, there it is. However, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. There are reasons why short-term weight loss doesn’t work for the long-term. Cut The Calories and You Drop the Weight, Right? When you take in more calories than you burn, you can gain weight. The opposite is also true. One pound of body weight is approximately equal to 3,500 calories (cal), So if (more…)

100 Healthy Snack Ideas

100 Healthy Snack Ideas The Top 100 Healthiest Snacks Bananas Blackberries Cashews Strawberries Greek Yogurt – hummus Acai Berries Blueberries Green salad Green Tea with Lemon Broccoli Florets Oatmeal Sweet Potato Fries Apples Green Salad with light protein Join Us 100 Healthy Snack Ideas Frozen Grapes (they are amazing)   String Cheese   Banana   Frozen Banana(peel it first, stick in the freezer overnight- it’s like a yummy popsicle)   Bananas Low-fat Yogurt   Sugar-free or fat-free pudding   Apple dipped in Peanut Butter (or spread peanut butter on top of apple slice and top with pecans . . . so good!)   100-calorie bag of popcorn   Applesauce   Raw veggies with hummus (my new favorite!)   Almonds     Apple   Apples   Skinny S’more (two graham crackers with one roasted marshmallow and one small square dark chocolate)   Smoked Beef Jerky (about 1 oz- look for low-sodium!)   Chocolate Milk   Hard Boiled Egg   Sunflower Seeds   Cottage Cheese   Sliced Cantaloupe   Handful of blueberries (2 tablespoons fat-free Cool-Whip– optional)   Blueberries   Pita Bread and Hummus   Rice Cakes   Sugar-free Jello   Dried Fruits   Frozen Yoplait Whips Yogurt (these seriously taste like ice cream when they are frozen!)   Air-Popped Popcorn   Pistachios   Clementines (we call them Cuties or Clemmies)   (more…)

Weight Loss Plateau

The Weight Loss Plateau Understanding the weight loss plateau: The average human is capable of achieving a number of incredible feats that seem to defy the way science tells us things should work. Athletes can end up lifting something that their bodies should not be able to out of sheer willpower.   People can adapt to extreme physical trauma caused by a car accident and defy predictions that they’ll never walk again. While these amazing feats are useful in a number of situations, there are physical reactions that some people look upon with quite a bit of disfavor. Among these physical (more…)

Acai Berry

Acai Berry The acai berry is a relatively new discovery to most parts of the world, including USA, but this berry has been in use for centuries. The Acai berry is usually only grown in the Brazilian rain forest region. However; there have been acai berry palms found as far as Maui, Hawaii. There are often difficulties in preserving and transporting the berry to different parts of the world due to limited shelf life.  There currently a huge worldwide demand for the Acai Berry. Acai berries are known to be the highest natural source of antioxidants present in nature.  The (more…)