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Earn between 20%-50% commissions for sales of products, services or memberships to Dance and Slim Down.

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Free members earn 20% on products and referrals.

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Annual Members earn 40%.

Lifetime members earn 50%

*Lifetime members also earn residual commission on monthly subscription sales


The goal is to pay those who help us to grow very generously. This is a pretty sweet offer no matter how you look at it.  Just straight sales.  No hidden agendas. Fancy circles or compensation plans.  Send a referral sale, earn a commission.  I tried to make it is as simple as possible to avoid confusion later.

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Note:  We plan to create a new sales funnel at JV Zoo in October 2016.

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We have a 30 day money back guarantee on our products, we pay commission once the guarantee period has ended.  We are building our sales funnel, which will allow affiliates to cross promote our products.

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Losing Weight 6

Banners and photo art to use for promotions:

Dance and Slim Down6 Dance and Slim Down5 Dance and Slim Down4 Dance and Slim Down3 Dance and Slim Down1 Come Dance Dance is Cardio Dancing Works3 Can't Run dance 20 diet and dance2


Ultimate Guide - Beautiful Ultimate Guide Scale Sexy guy3 sexy guy 2 Body like this 5 Body like this 4 (best) Body like this 2


Dance and Slim Down Purple

Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down



danceandslimdown 15 danceandslimdown (1) danceandslimdown 1 danceandslimdown 2 danceandslimdown 4 danceandslimdown 13 danceandslimdown 11 danceandslimdown 10 danceandslimdown 9 danceandslimdown 7 danceandslimdown 6 danceandslimdown 5


You may also use the youtube video above to gather interest.  This is the original video that started it all in 2015.

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