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Welcome to the Dance and Slim Down

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Become A Member

It is important to know that it is NOT required to have a paid membership to sell dance and slim down products and services. Anyone can market our services and earn between 20%-25% commissions plus we will have prizes and contests also.

We are still setting up our affiliate pages and sales funnels with several affiliate companies. You will learn more when you receive the newsletter so be sure to sign up for our sales newsletter to stay up to date with our improvements.



Until January 1st, 2017.  All Annual Memberships will count as lifetime memberships.  This means that for $99 anyone could become our member forever. No memberships fees or dues EVER.  Hey look, it is not a necessity, I just think it’s a cool idea for anyone who loves Dance and Slim Down.


  • One time only membership fee
  • Savings of almost $200 off regular lifetime fee
  • Access to ALL articles and content
  • Access to ALL shop products for free
  • Access to our private Facebook pages
  • Ability to earn 50% commissions on referrals for life.
  • Ability to earn 50% commissions on monthly subscriptions referred.
  • You will be placed in our inner circle. You will also receive:
  • Daily and weekly dance challenges in your email
  • Support in the form of weight loss coaching.
  • Access to our private YouTube Channel for Members Only.

Click the button below to get started.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Plus, this comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Access to our products should have been enough to make this decision for you. However,  we understand if you are hesitating. Look at it this way, this is a chance to be a part of something that could possibly change your life. This is it.  Get the vision. Get connected. Join as a lifetime member.  Your membership is your contribution. You will never be asked to pay for ANYTHING ever again.  These lifetime memberships are special, so take advantage and join us at the highest level!


Lifetime Membership  $99 Special

     [swpm_payment_button id=2537] 50%

Learn more about the $99 special here!!!

I want a fair compensation plan for our work at home reps that help to promote our services, products and memberships.  Expect cash, awards and prizes, as we grow, so will you.  We are prepared to split everything 50/50 with our reps.


Anyone can join our sales team at no cost to earn 20% of sales generated.

Monthly and Annual Members earn 30% and 40% commissions.

Lifetime members earn 50% commissions.

That is it. Simple and Easy.

The goal of Dance and Slim Down is to help others look good and feel good again. So many people out there have loss their spark for life, so many have lost their joy. My hope is that we help to bring happiness, confidence and transformation into the lives of others.  We are not pushing some product or service, we are promoting a way of life.  We want to become your online escape where people come to listen to music, read great articles and interact with each other.  In other words. This is a COMMUNITY.  A WAY OF LIFE.

Join US.

Thank you.

Adrienne Igo, Owner, Dance and Slim Down

Dance and Slim Down
Adrienne Igo, Owner, Dance and Slim Down

Steps To Take To Get Started

1. Click to: Sign Up for the sales Newsletter

2. Click to: Sign up for the sales forum

3. Click to: Sign up for your free membership

4. Click to: Read The Sales Mission



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