Creating A Better You

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Creating A Better You

Become The Person You Imagine Yourself To Be

This compact 11 page PDF is designed to take you through seven days of self awareness and self exploration.  The goal is for you to arrive a more positive more self aware you at the end of the 7 day study.  Prepare to spend at least 15 minutes per day for seven days.  keep in mind that this is a self discovery guide, it is self-driven.


Creating A Better You


Losing weight and feeling great is an inside job.  Even individuals that have had lap-band and gastric bypass surgery still struggle internally with image issues. This is because true change starts inside of you, the secret is to CREATE A BETTER YOU from within.  Once you have created a strong positive image internally, it is only a matter of time before you begin to exude your change externally.  This is the key principle behind this simple report called CREATING A BETTER YOU.


Become The Person You Imagine Yourself To Be



CREATING A BETTER YOU is a 7 day journey into creating the best YOU that is you.  It is important that to take each lesson one day at a time.  This is because the change happens INSIDE. The lessons are designed for self discovery, self awareness, and self development.

This is simple 7 day blueprint guide was created to help feel better about you from the inside out. It is a sweet seven day guide to help you embark on a inner journey.  This easy guide was created as a step by step blueprint guide to self awareness.

The best way to use this guide is to tackle one step each day.  That means you will commit to 7 days of inner work and self-discovery. You will be asked questions to help trigger self exploration, so free up about 15 minutes a day to work on this project.



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  • Bonus  10 Self-worth and Self-Love PLR Articles


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