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This is a special green tea blend that increases metabolism and aids in digestion. DASD natural herb teas work to heal physical and emotional needs.


Introducing DASD Diet Tea!

 DASD Diet Tea helped me lose over 250 pounds.

DASD Diet Tea is a special blend of green tea that increases metabolism and aids in digestion. These are wonderful natural teas that heal physically and emotionally. I discovered these teas via my daughter. She had purchased large quantities of herbal teas and performed tea experiments until she found the perfect combinations.  She created special blends for weight loss, constipation,  skin care and more.  I consumed at one cup or more cups of DASD Diet Tea each day.  The result was inexplicable massive weight loss.

DASD Diet Tea
Tea Varieties – DASD Diet Tea

Green tea is widely believed to be one of the largest contributors to weight loss.  According to Women’s Day, “green tea has the incredible power to shift your fat-fighting metabolism into high gear” they also stated “The weight-loss benefits are in the epigallocatechin gallate (a.k.a. EGCG, a health-boosting antioxidant) found in green tea.”

By combining herbs that contribute to weight loss together with our special green tea, Dance and Slim Down has developed a very powerful “fat reducing tea blend” that consistently aids in weight loss.

Quantities are extremely limited so place your order soon.  We may have to back order, so we can not guarantee Christmas delivery.   We ask only one favor of our customers, that is to share the word about DASD Diet Tea.

Note: After placing your order, you will be contacted via email or telephone regarding your tea blend creation. We take special precautions to avoid possible interactions with medications. Our goal is to create the perfect DASD diet tea blend for you.

Note: There have been studies indicating that warfarin may not interact well with green tea.   According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, warfarin may have possible interactions with green tea to consider. 


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