How I Lost Over 200 Pounds


Dance and Slim Down – How I Lost Over 200 Pounds

Quick Easy Secret Tricks to Permanent Weight Loss.



Dance and Slim Down’s  “How I Lost Over 200 Pounds”

This e-video from Dance and Slim Down chronicles how I lost over 200 pounds and is over 7 minutes long. I made it extremely easy to follow.  These are simply detailed steps of the habit changes I implemented that resulted in my massive weight loss.  I went through and listed each and every lifestyle change I could recall using during the weight loss period that resulted in my initial 200 pound weight loss.  Why is this important?  I am convinced that weight loss is like a calculation…a puzzle if you can imagine this.  Each piece of the puzzle has to be in place in order to complete it.  I believe I am losing this weight not because of one (1) specific thing I am doing but because of a series of lifestyle changes that are now a part of the normal routine.  These are written in VERY plain English. These are simply easy steps that even a young child could easily follow.  I purposely made this video extremely simple to follow, because I want you to concentrate on behavior modification not reading.  You should experience zero difficulty following the information.

Note:  Be aware that I do not expect my customers to fall in love with KPOP music and go out to by a TVXQ album, but I wanted to relay the basic behavioral change that was made during that period.  I am positive you will be able to fully understand the steps outlined and I have a 30 day guarantee on all products.



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